A list of tips for preparing and maintaining your home for the cold winter.

Sunday Nov 21st, 2021


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With fall almost over and winter coming right up, it‘s time to winterize your home. Here at North City, we have created a list of tips for preparing and maintaining your home for the cold winter.  

1) Prepare your roof for winter: We recommend having a trusted professional examine the roof of your house. If there are any repairs to be made, they should be completed before winter hits. 
2) Check the weather stripping in your house: Make sure the doors and windows in your home are sealed. This will prevent your home from losing heat and the possibility of you paying more for heat. 
3) Have your heating system inspected: No one wants to spend the winter nights without heat. So make sure you have a trusted professional inspect your heating system. They can also handle any repairs or tune-ups that need to be done. 
4) Clear your lawn of leaves: Large piles of leaves on your lawn could attract many rodents and insects. Mold and other fungal issues could also arise once snow starts to build up on your lawn. 
6) Keep emergency exits free from snow and ice: Make sure you clear the snow off doors, stairs, and balconies. This could be lifesaving if there is any emergency. 

7) Remove snow from pools and hot tubs: Build up from snow can cause major damage for pools and hot tubs. They aren’t designed to uphold the weight of snow and ice.
8) Inspect for water leakages: Water damages are common for home insurance claims. Check for leaks in the windows, roof, doors, and walls on the exterior of your home. 

9) Inspect your property routinely: 
You're legally responsible for any slips and falls that happen on your property. To avoid having these accidents, you should regularly inspect your property to remove snow and ice. You must do this for your roof as well.

As a reminder, please remember to contact us before doing any renovation on your home. As your broker, we want to make ensure you have the correct amount of insurance and coverages for your home.  

If you have any questions or want to inquire about the coverages on your home insurance policy, you can speak with a trusted advisor by calling 1-888-892-7176 or emailing us at insure@northcity.ca


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