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Tuesday Apr 19th, 2022


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Dear Todd & Lisa Fryer,

Hooray! Winter is finally over and Spring is upon us.  

Have you prepared your home and car for Spring yet? If done right, you can save money by avoiding problems down the road.

Here are North City‘s top tips for Spring maintenance:  

Inside the home

1) Replace and clean the furnace filter. If your filter is dirty, it may increase the chances of a fire as well as lowering the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
2) Clean out gutters and downspouts. This is necessary to avoid water draining issues.
3) Test and clean smoke carbon monoxide detectors. Dust may accumulate and prevent the detector from working properly.
4) Inspect, clean, and fix damaged window screens. Winter can damage your window screens. You don‘t want the bugs to come in when it‘s warm outside! 


Outside the home

1) Check your roof for damages. Make sure water is draining properly and fix any spots that are uneven.
2) Inspect seals around windows and doors. Having a proper seal will keep water out and the A/C in.  

3) Service your A/C unit. A clean unit will work more efficiently and save you money.
4) Repair cracks on the driveways and walkways. This will reduce the risk for injuries.   

Condo dwellers

1) Prepare your A/C unit. Make sure to remove any debris that might block airflow.
2) Furnace inspection. Inspect for small cracks or damage which may cause problems.
3) Change air filters. A dirty filter needs to work harder to circulate hot or cold air.

For your car 

1) Test your brakes. Inspect your car‘s brake fluid, lines, hoses, pads, and parking brake. 
2) Inspect wiper blades. They have probably taken a toll from the snow and ice this past winter. Check to see if they need replacing.


3) Check your fluids. This includes windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant levels.
4) Switch out the winter tires. Winter tires compromise traction on dry and wet roads as they aren't meant for summer.
5) Review your insurance policy. Make sure you have the right coverage for all your needs. 

Courtesy of North City Insurance

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