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Sunday Nov 15th, 2020


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The Week of November 15
The First Meeting

To share the RAHB webpage that contains information on the First Meeting with a Mortgage Broker for a First-Time Home Buyer (FTHB), please click on the social media icons above.

To view the webpage, please click the below button. 
The First Meeting Webpage

The First Meeting

Every mortgage professional is a little bit different; however, the majority of mortgage lenders are looking for information that shows them whether your client can:

  1. Repay the mortgage, and
  2. Show a track record of reliably paying other people they have borrowed money from.

Please click the button below to access more information on what your client should bring to the first meeting with a mortgage specialist:

What to Bring?

When speaking with a mortgage specialist from TD Bank, he recommended the following for FTHB clients:

  • First, do not rely on online “mortgage calculators” as these are only as good as the information being inputted.
  • Second, mortgage specialists generally assume that all FTHB clients are starting “green.” In short, no mortgage specialist will assume that your client already understands all the particulars or are able to ask detailed or specific questions right away.
  • Third, it is important to be as attentive as possible during the meeting.
  • Finally, the more detailed information your client can present about their financial situation the better.

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